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The Justice Related Diversion Services Program offers an array of supports designed to work with the Allegheny County Jail, District Courts, Service Coordination Units, Pre Trial Services, Torrance State Hospital and other community providers to assist persons with mental illness and/or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder who encounter the criminal justice system. Staff develop and present service plans to the District Courts, with the goal of diverting a person from incarceration (which may include housing, treatment services and linkage with community service coordination).

Criteria for Diversion Program:

  • Active criminal charges

  • Cannot work with only summaries and non-traffic violations

  • Documented mental health diagnosis

  • Must be an Allegheny County resident


For all other inquiries and referrals, contact Justice Related Services
412-301-8220 | DHS-JRS@AlleghenyCounty.US

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