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Justice Related Services 
Justice Related Services offers an array of supports designed to work with the Allegheny County Jail, District Courts, behavioral health and other community service providers, to assist persons with mental illness and/or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder who encounter the criminal justice system. Justice Related Services is comprised of several departments that serve individuals throughout all levels of the criminal justice system.

  • County Support 

  • Diversion 

  • Drug Court

  • DUI Court

  • Federal Reentry Court (Bridges)

  • Independent Living 

  • Mental Health Court

  • State Support 

  • Veteran’s Court 

For more information on Justice Related Services and/or to make a referral, please call (412) 301-8220 or email DHS-JRS@AlleghenyCounty.US.

Drug and Alcohol Case Management
HSAO Drug and Alcohol Case Management Unit helps Allegheny County residents to access treatment and services related to the goal of addiction recovery. Case Management is a voluntary service, offering the benefit of having an advocate who can coordinate services that ensure progress toward recovery goals. The HSAO Drug and Alcohol Case Management Unit can assist clients in the following ways:

  • Screening — Identifying presence of a possible substance use concern, collect information to determine any needs which may result in a referral for detox

  • Evaluation - Identifying need for drug and alcohol treatment and other concerns which may affect a client’s recovery 

  • Referral— Case manager will make a referral to an appropriate treatment facility, monitor progress, and provide advocacy, and will also connect to other resources as needed


HSAO Drug and Alcohol Case Management includes several departments:

  • Drug and Alcohol Case Management

  • ACT 53 

  • Children’s Court IMPACT


For more information on Drug and Alcohol Case Management, ACT 53, IMPACT or to make a referral, please call (412) 301-8232 or email


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