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Human Services Administration Organization – Established 1999 


  • To empower individuals, families and communities by improving their quality of life through specialized, personalized, enhanced and effective service coordination.

Board of Directors

Fay Boland

Kevin Boland 

Lisa Ashbaugh 

Susan Levi



  • To ensure that our services are delivered in the least restrictive environment and are sensitive to the client's and family's culture.

  • Service Coordination is provided with a creative and flexible approach that encourages independence and self-sufficiency.

  • Build on individual, family, and community strengths and recognize individuals' uniqueness.

  • Supporting client-driven, family-focused services.

  • Embraces the philosophy that people are resilient and “can and do” recover

HSAO Leadership Team


Lisa Ashbaugh, M.Ed. - Executive Director

Kimberly Wuenstel, B.A., B.S. - Operations Manager


Adult Services Management Team

Stacy Condie, M.S. -  Unit Manager

Leigh Richardson, M.A. - Unit Manager

Shannon Sommers – M.A., C.A.A.P., Unit Manager


Child and Adolescent Services

Steven Freas, M.S.W. - Senior Unit Manager

Ian Wilson, L.S.W. - Unit Manager

Roslynn Zielinski, M.S. Ed., L.P.C., N.C.C., I.A.T.P., -  Unit Manager


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