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Human Services Administration Organization (HSAO) is an enhanced service coordination program which works with Allegheny County's highest risk population of children, adolescents, and adults. HSAO's child/adolescent and adult service coordination programs were created to meet the complex and specific needs of the individuals enrolled in each of these programs. Our primary goal is to link individuals and families with the services they need to improve the quality of their lives.

Our personalized services build on individual, family, and community strengths and recognize individuals' uniqueness. Our agency supports client-driven, family-focused services and embraces the philosophy that clients are resilient individuals who "can and do" recover. The goal of HSAO is to ensure that behavioral health services are delivered in the least restrictive environment and are sensitive to the client's and family's culture. Service Coordination is provided with a creative and flexible approach that encourages independence, self-sufficiency, and the identification of natural supports for the client and their family. 

By empowering individuals through personalized and effective service coordination, we strive to give our consumers and their families hope that their lives can and will get better. Simply put, we bridge the gap to a brighter tomorrow!

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